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Schedule shown is as currently confirmed. Schedule or participants may be subject to change due to availability. Panels will be recorded for training and outreach purposes
THURSDAY 29th April 2021
FRIDAY 30th April 2021
SAT 1st & SUN 2nd May 2021

9:15am    Pilates with Rohanna (1hr)                                   (£5) Book your place here

11:00am  Baking Vegan Cupcakes (1hr)

                  with Pastry Chef Giovana Temponi

                 To Book your place email Giovana at           and quote                    "Big Green Festival" 

               You will need the following ingredients 

               for the carrot vegan cupcakes                               measured and ready to go!
               -  6 cupcakes
               - 120g plain flour ( can use gluten free)
                - 100 g caster sugar
                 - 60 g vegetal milk of your choice or                                                             orange juice
                 - 100 g carrots
                 - 55g vegetable oil  (sunflower/                                                                       rice/coconut)
                - 1 TSP baking powder
                - 1 TSP vanilla extract


12:00pm  Rado's Art Class (1hr) 

                  To Book your place email Rado at                and quote                    "Big Green Festival" 

5:00pm Meditation with Greta Mattar (25mins)

                A kindness, spaciousness & letting go

                meditation in the Thai Buddhist


                Book your place here (select the                          29Apr date 17:00-17:30)


 6:00pm  Panel to 7:20pm:

                Living In Better Harmony With Nature

               What Can We do?  


              Tim Howar - Mike & the Mechanics

               Vanessa Targett - The Talking Tree

              Steve Ringham - Save the Oaks,

                 Green Party candidate Addlestone N.

               Udo Kleinitz - Green Party candidate

                    for Englefield Green West

                Book your place here

7:30pm   Online Choir (to 9pm) (90mins)

                  A virtual choir which meets online to                        learn fun, well-known songs & explores                    how music can help us connect.

                  The coronavirus outbreak has resulted                    in hundreds of choirs up & down the                          country being suspended. If you are a                      singer in a choir and are missing your                      normal rehearsals or… 

                  if you feel bored, lonely or isolated but                      have never sung before, why not join!

                  Sessions are fun, friendly, accessible                        and open to anybody to join who wants                    to develop a new hobby or have a sing.

                 Book your place here or here or email

         for your

                 free taster session and quote

                 "Big Green Festival" (if you email)

1:00pm   Recreating Islamic GEOMETRIC 

                 Patterns with Samira Mian  

                   Recreate some of the world's historical                     patterns digitally and using a compass!

                   Resources needed:

                        For activity 1: Access to this

                        For activity 2: 3 sheets of A4 paper,                               sharp pencil, ruler, compass,                                     eraser & colouring pencil/pens.                           Recommendation here

                    To Book your place email Samira at           

               and quote "Big Green Festival" 

4:30pm  Panel  (90mins)

               Green Belt & Green Space Under

               Threat: What Can We Do?


               Richard Knox-Johnston - London

                                         Green Belt Council

              Catriona Riddell - Catriona Riddell &


              Jan Doerfel  - Spelthorne Green Party

                         Councillor for Staines, Barrister

            Chris Packham: special filmed message

            Chris Hyde - Green Party Candidate for

                              Lower Sunbury & Halliford

              Book your place here 

5:00pm  Yoga (Regular) Shirley Lunn (75mins)

                Mindful Hatha Yoga class suitable for                  all levels, including beginners. Yoga                    postures, breath work and deep                            relaxation.   Book your place here

7:00pm   Hour with Howar 

                Singer of Mike & the Mechanics and

                musical theatre legend, singer, actor

                and dancer - played recent

                'Phantom of the Opera' and starred in

                Chess, Rock of Ages, Rent, Les Mis &

                many more, Tim Howar will be                              singing songs from his repertoire and                  answering your questions

                Book your place here 


9:00pm  Party - Dance Time! (45mins)

                DJ Udo will take participants on a                        mix-journey of club/party tracks

                Turn up your volume and enjoy!

                Book your place here



10:00am   Pilates with Rohanna (1hr)

                   (£5) Book your place here 


1:00pm    Yoga with Bea of Beactive (1hr)

                   Bea of Beactive is an experienced                     personal trainer, fitness instructor                     & RYT 200hr registered yoga                             teacher. Bea is running this gentle                     yoga class, suitable for all abilities                     including beginners.

                   To Book your place: email Bea at             for the                    Zoom class details & password

4:00pm    Guided Mindfulness Meditation 

                  (30mins) Shirley Lunn 

                   Short introduction to mindfulness,                     to reconnect with Mother Earth.

                   Suitable for all levels. You can                             enjoy this meditation seated on a                       cushion, stool or chair, or even                          lying down.   Book your place here


5:30pm    'Thirst for Justice' Documentary

                   and Introduction by BBC                                     Investigative Journalist Leana 

                   Hosea. See Trailer here (75mins)

7:00pm  The Global Water Crisis (to 8:45pm)

                Covering the issue of forever

                chemicals, the risk posed by

                chemical waste/flooding etc in

                which we would also like to highlight

                the case of Zane Gbangbola    


                Rob Bilott - US Attorney, inspiration

                              for film Dark Waters

                              Author of Exposure

                Pedro Arrojo-Agudo - UN Special

                     Rapporteur on the human right

                     to safe drinking water and


                Leana Hosea - BBC Investigative

                         Journalist. 'Thirst for Justice'

                Kye Gbangbola  - Truth About Zane

                Book your place here


SUNDAY 2nd May 2021:


11:00am   Intro to Pilates with Rohanna 

                   (30mins) FREE​ Class

                    Book your place here by selecting 

                    2nd May date, 11:00am "Zoom                         Taster Session with Rohanna"


1:00pm     Grease Dance Workshop with

                   Clinton Goldsmith (1hr)

                     To Book your place

                      Email Clinton direct at:

             and                            quote "Big Green Festival" obtain                            the Zoom class codes

                                        "I got chills,                                                        ..they're multiplying..."
                    How many times have you danced                           around the kitchen pretending you                         were John Travolta or Olivia Newton                       John? This is your chance to learn                         an easy and fun routine inspired by                         the original choreography!

                     Choreographer Clinton Goldsmith                           will teach you this fun routine                                   having sprinkled his magic dancing                       in the West End (Saturday Night                             Fever, Phantom, The Boyfriend) to                         Bollywood & has worked with Kylie                         Minogue, Geri Halliwell, Robbie                               Williams and the Sugababes. He                             also teaches in London and has                               online dance courses for all.

3:00pm    Mindful Hatha Yoga, Deep Relaxation

                  with Shirley Lunn (90mins) 

                  Relax completely, body & mind, let go                    of your everyday cares and feel your                      deep connection to the Earth

                  Starting with 45 minutes of gentle                          Hatha yoga (suitable for all levels),                        followed by a guided deep relaxation.                    Then a beautiful soundscape!                                  You will need a non-slip mat for yoga,                    and a pillow and blanket for the deep                    relaxation.  Book your place here


5:00pm    Mindful Ninja (40mins)

                  Mindfulness and well-being  session                      for the whole family!

                  Mindful movement, awareness,                              breathing and mediation practice,                          requiring solely a sheet of plain paper                    and some pens or pencils.

                  To Book your place  email Sam at


                  and quote "Big Green Festival" 

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